Liverpool v Milan Live Commentary & Result, 15/09/2021, UEFA Champions League


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Liverpool go top of Group B after the opening round of group games and their unbeaten start to the season continues. They have Crystal Palace next in the Premier League. Milan’s return to the Champions League didn’t begin the way they’d have wanted, but Pioli will be hoping they can bounce back against Juventus in the league on Sunday.

Liverpool come from behind to beat Milan 3-2. The hosts started brilliantly and Tomori’s own goal gave them an early lead before Salah saw a spot-kick saved. Against the run of play, Milan went into half-time 2-1 up with Rebic and Diaz turning things around with two goals in two minutes. Kjaer had a goal ruled out for offside seconds after the break before Salah equalised for Liverpool minutes later. Henderson sealed the win though with an excellent half-volley from the edge of the box.


90′ + 5′ CHANCE! One last opportunity for Milan here as Diaz finds himself in a pocket of space just outside the box. He chooses to go for goal himself, but there’s not enough dip on the shot and it sails over Alisson’s crossbar.

90′ + 3′ Diaz gets away from Milner and the substitute sticks out a leg to trip the midfielder which earns him a yellow card. 

90′ + 1′ Into five minutes of added time here and Mane looks like he’s through again for Liverpool after Oxlade-Chamberlain picks him out. Mane takes it past two Milan defenders before taking a heavy touch next to Kjaer and the chance is gone.

89′ Alexander-Arnold’s free-kick from the left is cut out by Florenzi, but his clearance only goes as far as Milner. He plays a great throughball back into the right-back, but he can’t find a way past Calabria.

87′ Tonali swings a good corner into the box and Kjaer pulls away from his defender to glance it on at the near post. It bounces between Gomez and Milner, but Diaz can’t get there in time to poke it past Alisson before the keeper collects it.

86′ Maignan comes out of the penalty area to clear a long ball over the top, but Tomori doesn’t realise and tries to head it back to his keeper. He chases it back into his box, with Mane close to him, but the offside flag saves Milan this time.

84′ And Henderson also goes off to a standing ovation from the crowd as he hands the armband onto his replacement, Milner.

A. Oxlade-Chamberlain

Mohamed Salah

84′ Liverpool are making a double change now as well with Salah the first to make way for Oxlade-Chamberlain.

83′ Fourth change for Milan now as Rebic goes off for Maldini.

82′ Calabria nicks the ball off Robertson and then plays a hopeful long pass over the top out towards Florenzi. There’s not enough on it though and Alisson comes out of his box to intercept it.

80′ Calabria is down holding the bottom of his back after a coming together with Thiago as the Spaniard brushed past him. He’s back to his feet quickly after treatment though and will be able to carry on.

79′ Hernandez gets away from Alexander-Arnold on the left and whips a good cross into the box for Giroud. The substitute rises above Gomez, but can’t get the contact he needs and his header ends up bouncing well wide.

77′ Liverpool are knocking the ball around in Milan’s half again now and Fabinho tries to slide it forward for Mane down the left. Kjaer and Calabria both read it well though and manage to get it clear between them.

75′ A rare attack for Milan now in this second half as Kessie curls an early cross into the box towards Giroud. He’s in through the middle, but Alisson reacts quickly to sweep it away ahead of him.

73′ Liverpool have another corner and this one is taken short to Alexander-Arnold. He curls a cross into the middle which is headed away by Kjaer to Thiago. He’s a long way out but drills a shot on goal, and it’s blocked by Tomori.

71′ And Milan are also bringing on a substitute, with Tonali on in place of Bennacer.

Thiago Alcântara

N. Keïta

71′ Thiago is also coming on to replace Keita.

71′ Liverpool are making a double change now, with Jones being brought on for Jota.

69′ HENDERSON SCORES! Another corner is swung in by Alexander-Arnold and it’s cleared at the near post by Bennacer. He just ends up glancing it to Henderson on the edge of the box and he hits it first time on the half-volley. It’s a brilliant hit from the Liverpool captain and it skids into the bottom corner. 3-2 Liverpool! 

67′ More patient play from the hosts as they work it down the right through Salah and Alexander-Arnold. The Egyptian picks out Henderson again, but he overhits this cross and it’s over everyone and out for a throw-in on the far side.

65′ Liverpool are still dominating possession and Fabinho switches it out to the right to try and get in behind Milan. Henderson tries to curl a cross into the box, but Hernandez is there to block it.

63′ Origi went down off the ball in the centre circle, and after receiving some treatment, he’s going straight off to be replaced by Mane.

A. Florenzi

A. Saelemaekers

62′ Saelemaekers is also going off, with Florenzi on to replace him.

62′ Milan are making a double change here and Leao is the first to go off, with Giroud on for him.

61′ Diaz is giving Jota no space as he closes the forward down and he’s shown a yellow card after clipping the back of his heels.

60′ Salah is now Liverpool’s joint-highest scorer in European Cup/Champions League games at Anfield, with his 14th taking him level with Steven Gerrard.

58′ Robertson’s cross from the left is poor and Bennacer cuts it out before sliding in Diaz. He cuts inside from the right and tries to curl an early low cross into Rebic with the outside of his boot. Matip reads it well though and cuts it out for Liverpool.


56′ Rebic breaks on the counter for Milan down the left and he does well to hold off the two Liverpool defenders tight to him. He whips a cross into the middle, but there’s no one up with him and Alisson collects it.

54′ Milan just can’t get a touch on the ball at the moment as Liverpool push forward down the right again. Salah plays a one-two with Fabinho but is closed down by Hernandez before he can swing a cross into the box.

52′ Another sloppy pass from Milan is intercepted with Fabinho sliding an early throughball into Origi. He spins away from Bennacer to open up the space for a shot but drags it wide of the far post from the edge of the box.

50′ Milan are struggling to get on the ball again, and Liverpool have regained their control in the game for now. It’s switched out to Robertson on the left, who whips it into Origi, but his first touch is heavy and Kjaer hooks it clear.

48′ Origi just scoops the ball over the top of Tomori to pick out Salah with the return ball and set up the goal.

48′ SALAH EQUALISES! And just like that, Liverpool are back level! Salah plays a one-two with Origi to just open up a pocket of space as he pulls off the back of the defender. He lifts his shot over the stranded Maignan and into the bottom corner. After a quick VAR check, the goal stands. 2-2!

46′ OFFSIDE! Milan have an early corner here which is played short and Henderson completely misses his clearance at the near post. Hernandez touches it through to Kjaer, who is left with a simple tap-in, but the offside flag is up and the goal won’t stand.

46′ Milan get us back underway for the second half!

Liverpool looked rattled heading down the tunnel and it will be interesting to see if Klopp changes anything. His side piled on the pressure from the first whistle and he’ll be wondering how they’re not ahead at the break. Milan struggled to get into the game until late on, but they have a lead to protect now, and Pioli will want to see them start the second half as they finished the first.

An incredible turnaround from Milan sees them come from behind to lead Liverpool 2-1 at half-time. The hosts started brilliantly and got their reward when Alexander-Arnold’s cross looped in off Tomori. They then won a penalty for Bennacer’s handball, but Salah was denied by Maignan before the keeper saved Jota’s follow-up. In the 42nd minute, a lovely sweeping move from Milan ended with Rebic finding the back of the net before Diaz tapped in a second less than two minutes later.


44′ MILAN LEAD! Liverpool look completely shocked after dominating the game for 40 minutes, they’re not 2-1 down! Leao’s driving run cuts open Liverpool’s defence and he slides it through to Rebic and he picks out Hernandez. His shot is blocked by Alexander-Arnold on the line and Diaz follows in to tap it in.

42′ Saelemaekers pulled off a good turn to get away from Fabinho before picking out Leao, and he plays a good squared pass into Rebic.

42′ MILAN EQUALISE! Completely against the run of play, Rebic has pulled one back! It’s a lovely move from the visitors, with Diaz threading a throughball into Saelemakers, who squares it to Leao. He slides it through for Rebic and he curls a low shot past Alisson and into the far bottom corner. 1-1! 

40′ Hernandez is caught on the ball by Salah, who instantly tries to square it into Origi. Tomori rushes in and makes a great tackle to stop it from reaching him, but just catches the player. He stayed down holding his ankle but gets back to his feet without needing treatment.

38′ It’s a good bit of footwork from Alexander-Arnold that gets him away from the backtracking Kessie and he goes for the switch out to Robertson again. He overhits this one though and sends it out into the stands.

36′ Robertson is chasing Bennacer down and he’s trying to force the midfielder into a mistake. Bennacer manages to knock it back to Maignan, with Robertson continuing his run, but the keeper gets Milan out of danger.

34′ Liverpool still aren’t letting up the pressure on Milan and the visitors are scrambling back towards their own box once again. Alexander-Arnold cuts inside from the right and hits a shot with his left foot, but it’s a big block by Bennacer.

32′ Alexander-Arnold goes for another switch of play out to Robertson on the left but it’s intercepted by Calabria ahead of the left-back. He knocks it back to Maignan, but the goalkeeper stumbles at the last second and ends up helping it out for a corner.

30′ GOOD SAVE! Jota lets it run for Henderson and he just tees up Salah on the edge of the D. He curls a great effort on goal and Maignan watches it all the way before pushing it over the bar at his far post.

28′ Kjaer goes long when he spots Leao peeling off the back of Matip and the winger stops it from going out near the corner flag. He whips an early cross into the box, but it’s over Rebic in the middle and Saelemaekers can’t do anything with it either.

26′ It’s patient play by the visitors as they’re knocking it around in their own half and just slowing the pace of the game down. Calabria almost plays Maignan into trouble with a short backpass though, but he gets there just before Salah to hook it clear.

24′ Milan’s frustration is starting to show now as they just can’t get out of their own half here. Hernandez tries to slide it through to Leao ahead of him on the left, but it’s a poor pass into him and Liverpool have it back again.

22′ Salah has failed to convert a penalty for just the second time in 19 attempts for Liverpool, with this his first since failing to score versus Huddersfield in October 2017.

20′ Robertson’s cross is half-cleared by Milan but Alexander-Arnold recycles it on the opposite flank. He whips another great cross into the middle of the box which Matip heads towards goal, but Maignan is behind it.

18′ Hernandez is taking his time over the throw-in to try and give his side a breather due to the game’s quick pace, but Liverpool win the ball back straight away. The hosts are pushing forward down the right again, but Kessie intercepts Salah’s cross.

16′ Milan are trying to get themselves upfield, but Liverpool’s high press is still causing them all sorts of problems. Hernandez drives down the left but has no one up with him in support and it’s cleared by Gomez.

14′ It was a good save by Maignan as he was already diving to his right but he stayed alert after pushing the ball back into the danger zone and denied Jota’s follow-up at his near post.

Mohamed Salah

Penalty Miss

14′ IT’S SAVED! It’s a big run-up by Salah as he swerves before firing the shot down the centre. Maignan is diving to his right and gets both hands behind it to push it away. Still 1-0! 

13′ Bennacer is shown the first yellow card of the game for that handball.

13′ PENALTY TO LIVERPOOL! The ball bounces up nicely in front of Robertson on the left of the box and he hits the shot across goal on the volley. Bennacer turns to block it, but his arm is out in front of him. The ball hits it and the referee points straight to the spot.

12′ BLOCK! It’s a clever bit of footwork by Salah as Hernandez commits himself and the Egyptian opens up a pocket of space in the box. He hits the shot towards the near post, but Tomori gets back to throw himself in front of it and block the shot.

11′ Milan are on the back foot again after the restart with Liverpool already pushing for a second. Origi touches it back to Henderson, who hits it first time from just outside the box, but it’s a comfortable one for Maignan.

9′ LIVERPOOL LEAD! Alexander-Arnold plays a one-two with Salah and drives forward, away from Leao, when he gets the return ball. It looks like he’s trying to cross it in as he gets his head up, but a big deflection off Tomori wrongfoots Maignan and helps it into the back of the net. 1-0 Liverpool! 

8′ Liverpool have made a lightning-quick start to this game and Milan are struggling to cope with the hosts’ high press. Alexander-Arnold curls another corner into the box to pick out Matip, but his header is straight at Maignan, who holds onto it.

6′ BLOCK! Kessie’s pass out to Calabria is cut out by Robertson who pulls it back for Jota on the edge of the box this time. He drills a shot on goal, but Tomori gets enough of a touch to help it wide for a corner.

4′ CHANCE! It’s a great throughball from Henderson to pick out Robertson’s overlapping run down the left and he whips a first-time cross into the near post. Origi flicks it on but ends up firing the shot just wide.

2′ Liverpool are applying a lot of early pressure onto Milan here and Keita has the first attempt with a shot from range. It’s blocked by Kjaer before bouncing to Origi, who switches it out to Robertson, but his cross is too high for Salah.

1′ Salah gets the game underway for Liverpool! 

The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away! 

Liverpool and Milan have only met on two previous occasions in European competition, with both coming in the final of the Champions League. The Reds won 3-2 on penalties in 2005 before losing 1-2 in normal time in 2007.

Stefano Pioli makes three changes to his team after their win over Lazio last time out, with Kjaer, Bennacer and Saelemaekers all brought into the team. Romagnoli, Tonali and Florenzi start on the bench, where Giroud is also named after recovering from coronavirus.

Jurgen Klopp makes four changes to the side that beat Leeds United on Sunday. Gomez makes his first start since last November after recovering from knee surgery, with Keita, Henderson and Origi also coming in. Van Dijk, Mane and Thiago drop to the bench, while Harvey Elliott is ruled out due to a dislocated ankle he suffered in that match.

MILAN SUBS: Andreas Jungdal, Pierre Kalulu Kyatengwa, Alessio Romagnoli, Olivier Giroud, Alessandro Florenzi, Matteo Gabbia, Ciprian Tatarusanu, Daniel Maldini, Fode Ballo-Toure, Sandro Tonali.

MILAN STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Mike Maignan; Davide Calabria, Simon Kjaer, Fikayo Tomori, Theo Hernandez; Franck Kessie, Ismael Bennacer; Alexis Saelemaekers, Brahim Diaz, Rafael Leao; Ante Rebic.

LIVERPOOL SUBS: Adrian, James Milner, Caoimhin Kelleher, Curtis Jones, Sadio Mane, Thiago Alcantara, Virgil van Dijk, Takumi Minamino, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Konstantinos Tsimikas, Nathaniel Phillips, Ibrahima Konate.

LIVERPOOL STARTING XI (4-3-3): Alisson; Trent Alexander-Arnold, Joel Matip, Joe Gomez, Andy Robertson; Naby Keita, Fabinho, Jordan Henderson; Mohamed Salah, Divock Origi, Diogo Jota.

Liverpool have made an unbeaten start to their season, winning three and drawing one of their opening four games in the Premier League, keeping three clean sheets in that run. They’re looking to get out of a tough group that also contains Porto and Atletico Madrid to try and improve on last season when they were knocked out in the quarter-finals by Real Madrid. Milan are making their first appearance in the Champions League in eight years and come into this game having made a perfect start to Serie A with three wins out of three so far.

Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Champions League Group B meeting between Liverpool and Milan at Anfield! 

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