Snickers launch Euro 2020 campaign to get Scotland a day off

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Look, we’re confused by that headline too, but just bare with for a second.

Yes, you did read it right: Snickers, the famous chocolate bar manufacturers, are out to get Scotland a day off for their opening game at the Euros.

Steve Clarke’s team will make their return to a major tournament for the first time in more than 20 years later this month, and the hype is building all over the country. We’ve already lost count of the number of windows newly decorated with saltires and the number of bands who have put out dodgy Euro 2020 singles, and it still hasn’t come close to hitting fever pitch.

While the country looks on and rubs its hands in anticipation about their meeting with England at Wembley next Friday, however, there is the small matter of their opening game at Hampden to deal with first. They’ll kick things off against the Czech Republic, knowing a win gives them a strong chance of reaching the last 16 for the first time ever.

There’s one problem, though – the game falls at 2pm on a Monday. When the unlucky contingent among us who have been unable to book a holiday day for it will be at work.


No, no, no. That won’t do. And Snickers agree.

The famous chocolate brand, who double as one of the sponsors of the Scotland National Team, have launched a new campaign to get Scotland a day off on Monday 14 June, so that we can all go out and enjoy the football without having to worry about securing a dodgy mobile stream to sneakily watch at the office.

They have even put out a petition, which you can sign right here if you’re that way inclined. Go on, help us out.

To promote the initiative, they’ve put up signs all over the country, and a giant Snickers bar holding a sign which reads ‘Make June 14th a bank holiday’ is stationed directly outside the Scottish Government’s HQ at Hollyrood.

They have even generously offered every adult in Scotland a free Snickers bar if the request is granted. Wonder if they do them deep fried…

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