Tai Tuivasa Knocks Out Greg Hardy at UFC, Then Pounds Beers

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For just a few seconds Greg Hardy had an advantage. Sensing blood in the water, he advanced on Tai Tuivasa. But he did not sense Tuivasa’s left fist, and just over a minute into the first round it dropped Hardy to the canvas, and the fight was over.

Hardy’s left eye was swollen shut, requiring medical assistance. Meanwhile, Tuivasa went about his trademark celebration and drank beer out of a fan’s shoe while sitting atop the cage. As Tuivasa exited the arena he had a few more shoe beers — including one unwelcomely spiked with hot sauce by a fan.


For some reason, the U.F.C. insists on trying to make the former N.F.L. defensive end Hardy into a star, despite Hardy lacking technique beyond bull-rushing his opponents and despite an arrest and conviction (which was later overturned) for allegedly assaulting an ex-girlfriend, which contributed to the end of his football career.

Tuivasa is incredibly fun, but he is not even ranked in the top 15 U.F.C. heavyweights. Perhaps this loss is the beginning of the end of Hardy’s U.F.C. career.

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