The 11 best football goals for the garden, park and more


From inflatable goals to sturdy all-year-round posts, there is a goal out there for everyone

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With the variety of easy-to-transport football goals currently available, gone are the days of needing to use jumpers as goalposts.

There are all sorts of goals that you can get. In terms of assembly, there are ones that simply pop up, some that click together, and even ones that need inflating. Then there’s the fabric, which can range from plastic to metal to anything in between. There are big goals, small goals, goals that come in pairs… it can all get a bit confusing.

The good news is that there’s a goal out there to fit anyone’s needs. Here are some of the very best football goals currently available. 

This hardy goal is made of steel and designed with real top corners to replicate the feeling of playing a football match. It comes in three different sizes, the smallest being suitable for playing football without a goalkeeper. It’s stable on all sorts of surfaces, but it does come with some stakes to fasten it to grass if needed. It clicks together easily with metal spring-loaded push pins.

Get it from Decathlon for £34.99 (S) , £54.99 (M) , £89.99 (L)

This inflatable goal is perfect for those who wish to throw a goal in their bag on a day out. Because it doesn’t use metal poles, it folds up super small and would fit in any kit bag. This model comes with a built-in foot pump even suitable for little feet which means you’re never going to be caught short. Though it comes with metal stakes, this goal also has pockets to put water bottles in to weigh it down and to make sure you keep hydrated.

Get it from Decathlon for £34.99

The Kipsta Kage is easy to transport as it comes with a carry bag meaning you can take it to the beach, slot it in the car or throw it over your shoulder. It uses clip-corner technology so setting it up is simple, just push until you hear a click, then you’re ready to play. It comes with stakes so it can be stable on a number of ground types.

Get it from Decathlon for £19.99

The Urban goal by Football Flick is UV treated which means it is designed to be left outside all year round in any weather. It’s made from sturdy uPVC plastic with heavy-duty reinforced corners. It’s perfect for those who have a bigger garden and want to make a goal a more permanent feature for practicing. It takes just five minutes to set up and take down meaning it’s ideal for football training as well at parks. Plus, it comes with free delivery which is great for such a large item.


Get it from JD Sports for £70.00 (M) , £90.00 (L)

This lightweight pop-up goal comes with a mini circular carry bag, just throw the goal on the ground and it will grow to size. It comes with two support rods that are inserted into the side pocket for added stability and pegs to secure the goal to the ground. 

Get it from Amazon for £24.99

This durable UMI portable goal is constructed with strong fibreglass poles that are as tough as steel. It folds up to a good size and can be taken along for a day out at the beach or park or set up in the garden. The L-shaped metal connection holds up to strong strikes and the ground pegs help that even further. 

Get it from Amazon for £34.99

You can’t really go wrong with this set of 2 pop-up goals designed to eliminate using jumpers as goalposts. They’re perfect for kids’ playtime or five-a-side matches. They’re super lightweight and easy to transport, put up, and put away.

Get them from Amazon for £18.99

This no-frills goalpost takes just 30 seconds to set up. The pre-connected poles simply click together and are spiked into the grass for a proper game of football. It doesn’t come with a net, but it’s a great price for the size, and think how much fitter you’ll get going to collect the ball.

Get it from Amazon for £27.99 (M) , £29.99 (L)

The price isn’t for the faint-hearted, but if you want a set of goals the same size as Premier League teams, this is what you’re going to pay. The goal is made of heavy-duty, scratch-resistant aluminium and is designed to stay there all year round without fear of rust or corrosion.

Get it from Amazon for £899.99

This durable premium goal is made from galvanised steel that absorbs impact to withstand even the firmest of shots. The goal is designed to withstand all year-round weather season after season, without ever having to be packed away. It makes the perfect long-term addition to a garden for hours of fun.

Get it from Amazon for £124.99 (M) , £189.99 (L) , £239.99 (XL)

This portable goal is excellent because it combines the small, easy to carry and set up features that are usually only seen on smaller models and sizes it up. This 8ft wide goal is nothing to be sniffed at and comes with a handy carry case. It’s unusual to get a portable goal of this size and is perfect for taking to the park and securing into the grass.

Get it from Amazon for £59.99

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