The best footballs you can buy on Amazon, according to enthusiastic reviews

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Looking for a football on short notice? Here are some of the best options currently available at Amazon

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Whether it’s excitement for the Euros or simply the promise of warm weather that’s inspired you to take to the pitch, there’s one piece of equipment it’s impossible to play football without: the ball itself. 

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of footballs currently on the market, and while the differences between each are often subtle, there are definite differences. So to help you find the perfect ball for your next kick-around, here are some of the best currently available on Amazon. Don’t just take our word for it, all of these suggested balls are backed up by dozens of glowing reviews. 

Approved by FIFA, Mitre’s mid-level professional ball is suitable for play on grass and astroturf. The Mitre Delta has a 14-panel configuration and comes with Mitre’s Hyperseam technology, giving the ball more durability and better resistance against water.

Rating: 4.6/5
No. Reviews: 375

Promising reviews

“Nice weight to this ball, if you’ve used the Adidas tango then this is a little weightier again which means it is better for striking. Keeps inflated, in good shape and has lasted well. Would recommend.” – Onion Chief

“Excellent quality and performance. Robust also – have been playing on astroturf for the last 12 months (once a week, hour & half, adults), with no issues, no tears or delamination of outer PU. Also perfectly round and stayed that w ay. Loses minimal air every week – I’ve got a gauge to ensure bob on 10psi. Very satisfied.” – Andy B


Get it from Amazon for £33.83

The Puma TeamFINAL 21.6 MS is an entry-level training ball that’s great for honing your skills on the pitch. Durable TPU casing, TPE foam and a polyester backing ensure long-lasting play while delivering control, power, and accuracy.

Rating: 4.6/5
No. Reviews: 707

Promising reviews:

“Great item! Used for more than 10 times and still perfect as expected.” – Rodrigo de Matos

“It has a lovely sweet spot which makes it easy to connect with, and travels much quicker than other footballs.” – Charlie  

Get it from Amazon for £12.73

Built for use on both grass and astroturf, this ball won’t let you down on the pitch. It’s machine sewn, made from durable TPU, and comes complete with UEFA Champions League design and classic Adidas logo.

Rating: 4.5/5
No. Reviews: 274

Promising reviews: 

“Product exactly what I was looking for, great quality and a fantastic appearance.” – Joshua Castillo

“Great ball. Really good quality” – Mike

Get it from Amazon for £20.42

Over 11,000 people have felt compelled to leave a review for this football. It comes in at the cheaper range at only £10 and is available in four different sizes and 10 different designs. A head’s up though, the ball arrives deflated so you’ll need a pump before heading out to the pitch. 

Rating: 4.6/5
No. reviews: 11,533

Promising reviews:

“A very well-made football that stands up very well to almost constant use. A great success.” – M. Menage

“It’s the best cheap ball money can buy. Mitre balls are solid. It’s not a light ball that floats and can’t be used for matches.” – Christian Cooke

Get it from Amazon for £12.49

The Nike Pitch is constructed using a 12-panel design and made up of 60% rubber, 15% polyurethane, 13% polyester and 12% EVA. The ball is available in four different but equally attention-grabbing designs. 

Rating:  4.5/5
No. reviews:  5,048

Promising reviews:

“This ball got really good feedback from the players. I organise a leisure football game every week and have tried some different types of balls over the years, anyway this seems to have hit the right spot for the majority of our players, in respect of feel and cushion control – result at last.” – Tips 42

“Good quality and great for a kick around.” – Steve

Get it from Amazon for £20.90

The lowest-rated ball on this list, but also the lowest priced at just £8. An ideal beginner ball for young children or when you need something for a one-off kick-around. According to a surprisingly large number of reviewers, it also serves as a great toy for the dog.  

Rating: 4.3/5
No. Reviews: 3,138

Promising reviews:

“Had our ball for a couple of weeks now – so good so far. It’s still round, still holds air well and bounces high. Bought for a recreational kick about in the park and this ball serves this purpose well”. – Yevheniy

“Good value for money, the band lasted a long time and was extremely sturdy although hitting the edges of walls. The ball is not too big or too small. Would recommend to freestyle footballers.” – Ali Abbas

Get it from Amazon for £8

A great entry-level ball that is perfect for light training or spontaneous games in the park. The Durable outer and superior air-retention bladder guarantees it’ll withstand heavy usage and all types of weather. This is the official replica of the EFL Delta, and the ball arrives deflated.

Rating: 4.6/5
No. Reviews: 1,794

Promising reviews:  

“I love these Mitre footballs – still the best. Good weight and feel, and last much longer than some of the other footballs in this price bracket”. – Gav

“Great ball for training and five-a-side. Decent weight and longevity.” – L. Button

Get it from Amazon for £12.50

The vivid colours give you better visibility, making it nearly impossible to lose sight of the ball. Beyond its eye-catching design, the Nike Strike contains a butyl bladder to provide perfect air and shape retention.

Rating: 4.3/5
No. Reviews: 87

Promising reviews:

“Top quality football in keeping with my expectations of Nike. Nicely textured rather than smooth to provide some grip on the toe so you can practice curling it into the corner!” – Sir Bobster 

“Fantastic ball” – Amazon Customer 

Get it from Amazon for £27.50

This striking ball is manufactured by football producing giants ‎Mitre, so you’re guaranteed consistency from one session to the next. This is all about showing your support for England on the pitch though, and with a design this bold, no one within a 20-mile radius will be questioning your loyalty.  

Rating: 4.5/5
No. Reviews: 670

Promising reviews:

“Great looking football, well worth the money.” – Jason Etches

“Bought this for a garden playground kick about and was really amazed at the quality for the price. Great value!”  – Trevor Daniel Kisten

Get it from Amazon for £8.00

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