The candidates stake out different positions on regulating marijuana.

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With marijuana now legal in New York and people lighting up in public with impunity, the candidates were asked what they would do to protect people from the effects of secondhand smoke.

Eric Adams, who seems to have a first-person story of struggle for every social issue that comes up in the race, recalled that as a child, his father smoked often and said he was “concerned about marijuana laws altogether.”

He said, “We should make sure we regulate where the smoke is taking place, particularly in apartment buildings where people live.”


Andrew Yang said he would “designate areas in large apartment buildings that are appropriate for smoking marijuana.”

Maya Wiley said she would treat marijuana like tobacco. “In the places where we are protecting public health from secondhand smoking, we will continue to do that,” she said. “There is no reason to distinguish a marijuana cigarette and a cigarette that is not a marijuana cigarette.”

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