Trent Alexander-Arnold names his favourite teammates to pass to & dream 5-a-side team

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Liverpool star Trent Alexander-Arnold has named Roberto Firmino as his favourite teammate to pass to during Liverpool games, while naming Phil Foden at international level for England.

Alexander-Arnold’s passing has made him one of the Premier League’s leading assisters in recent seasons, while he has even been working with Red Bull and world-renowned ophthalmologist Dr Daniel Laby to further enhance his vision to spot a pass in new documentary Trent’s Vision.

Asked if he could name a dream 5-a-side team based on vision alone, the 22-year-old reeled off impressive names but struggled to pick between some of the stars he admires.

“Well me especially after this project!!” he joked. “And then I’d say [Steven] Gerrard, [Xabi] Alonso, [Lionel] Messi, [Kevin] De Bruyne. Actually, it’s between De Bruyne or [David] Beckham! I need a six-man team!

“I think what made Steven Gerrard so good was decisiveness, if that makes sense. He never did anything just for the sake of it. He did it with a purpose and did it with intensity. So, I would say decisiveness,” the Liverpool

right-back explained.

Alexander-Arnold said that ‘vision, execution, timing, weight of pass, distance, strength [and] technique’ are all important factors that make up the perfect pass.

“I look up to Messi and De Bruyne in terms of passing in football,” he said. “I admire Thiago’s vision. In the England team, a great passer would be Phil Foden. Harry Kane is a very good passer of the ball.

Alexander-Arnold is already noted for his passing & assists / Red Bull

As for his favourite players to pass to with Liverpool and England: “The best player to pass to is Bobby Firmino. He’s got a touch like an angel so doesn’t matter how you give it to him! Again, I’d probably say Phil Foden is the best at England to pass to. Amazing, delicate touch.”

You can also watch the full documentary of Trent’s Vison here:

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